Mold Making and Simple Pendant

In this fast paced three and a half hour class, students will be introduced to materials and techniques for making a silicon mold for a simple metal clay pendant. Students will create a beautiful piece of metal clay jewelry from start to finish. Classes will be held in Barbara’s home-based studio in Goleta, CA.

Examples of Mold Making on Pinterest


Students will:

  • design a pendant after selecting a “found object” to mold
  • use a two part silicon mold compound to make a mold
  • press or roll clay for inserting into mold
  • drying and refining clay
  • torch or kiln fire
  • hand finish, patina and polish their new pendant

Cost: $130 includes 16 grams of silver clay ($30 value), tools and materials.  Save $30 if you sign up for two classes, same day. Students may want to bring magnification eyewear if needed.  Additional clay may be purchased if needed during class.

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