Eastern Sierras Rejuvenation

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Today I’m joyfully packing for a week of camping, fishing, resting, playing, exploring and rejuvenation in the Eastern Sierras.  Exactly what it is that pulls at my soul to spend time in this beautiful, natural place is not as clear to me as the sense of peace and wonderment that fills me up when I’m there.  The seven hour drive itself takes you through beautiful country and the hunt for the perfect campsite fills you with nervous anticipation.  Will luck be with us tomorrow and the perfect stream-side site be awaiting our arrival?  Will it have shade, a level floor for the trailer, privacy, and quiet that is only disturbed by the sounds of a rambling stream and friendly blue jays?  Let’s just say I’m feeling lucky. ;0)

After setting up camp and when I’ve landed a few trout for dinner, I hope to find inspiration for new jewelry designs in the tiny wonders that will be waiting patiently for my macro lens to capture them.  The beauty of metal clay is that it lends itself so wonderfully to natural shapes and form.  Tiny flower pedals can be sculpted, fern fronds can be pressed into a mold and small twigs can be duplicated in exquisite detail. Perhaps a new design series will emerge from this trip, the Sierras collection!  Now, slow down Barb, you need to pack the trailer first!

Cedar and Clover, my crazy, Labs are in their element in the mountains.  Noses to the ground, they demonstrate to us what unbridled joy looks like racing up and down the creek looking for the perfect stick to torture me with.  That lucky stick will be with us all week covered in dirt and teeth marks.  Hopefully it will not end up in my sleeping bag!

 Photos from the trip!