My New Day Job

After 30 years of teaching and working in educational technology administration, I am finally striking out on my own! Sweet Cedar Jewelry Design is now my official day job! Needless to say, this is a pretty scary change, but after six years of running my small jewelry business in the evenings and weekends I realize, like so many artists before me,  that life is too short to not follow your dreams.   Having two incomes provides lots of security, but creating wearable works of art is clearly my passion.  And it’s about time I put that art degree I earned in 1980 to work!  I feel like that little gold fish who leaps from the safety and comfort of the crowded water bowl to uncharted waters!


Leap of Faith


Love these quotes!


  1. Carol Greenelsh

    Enjoyed meeting you at Art in the Park over Labor Day. I love your art work and hope you will return to Morro Bay again.

    Best wishes to you on your ongoing recovery.

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