Metal Clay Jewelry Classes

Student Work from Intro Class

New Classes! 2/22/ 2020

If you are crafty you will love metal clay!  If not, you will be amazed how you can learn to make beautiful, pure silver jewelry using metal clay!  Never heard of it?  You’re not alone.  It’s a fairly new medium, developed in the early 90’s in Japan.  It is quickly becoming known as a fast, easy and versatile way to create solid metal objects in not just silver, but gold, bronze, copper, and even steel!

Barbara Remick, of Sweet Cedar Jewelry Design, is now offering classes in her home studio in Goleta, California. Half day and full day classes begin with the Intro to Metal Clay class, and then on to more advanced techniques, such as multi-layer pieces, adding stones to metal clay, making rings and more!

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What students have said about Barbara’s classes:

“Barbara was helpful, patient, and supportive to a “non crafty” person.”

“I would recommend it to a fact I already did!”

“I’ve already recommended this class to others. It was fabulous!”

“Wow… I am still feeling the glow of yesterday! That was so much fun. Thank you for your amazing kindness and grace. It was a perfect day.”

“I would highly recommend the class to a friend. The pace is fun. The work is approachable. The finished product is rewarding.”

“I would absolutely recommend it. I had a fabulous time. I wished I had signed up for the afternoon class since I was having so much fun!”

Barbara is the artist and owner of Sweet Cedar Jewelry Design, founded in 2009. She sells her work at fine art shows throughout California. She holds a Level 2 PMC Certification, a BA in studio art, and has over 25 years of teaching experience.

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